Why Sentry

sentry-logoD & M Manufacturing, Inc. is focused on making the theft of your property harder on the thief. Legislation has not stopped or slowed down the problem. The thief already knows he is committing a crime and will go to jail if caught. The thief’s buyer knows he is committing a crime also and will go to jail if caught but the potential for profit is too tempting. The court knows if they get a conviction on either party they will have to feed and house them, but they have no room.

So it comes down to making the theft harder. Make him have to buy tools and make him have to work harder to accomplish the theft. By making him buy tools and work harder to accomplish the task, who knows we may convince him a job would be a better solution for him and that would be better for all parties.

D&M Manufacturing, Inc. has been tested and proven for over eight years in water related property protection of backflows (backflowtheft.com), fire detector check backflows, fire valve stems, fire hydrants and underground utility boxes. The epidemic of electrical thefts from government, commercial and industrial properties have made it a priority of D&M Manufacturing, Inc. to develop the solutions to prevent these thefts.

Sentry Electrical Theft Prevention Products by D&M Manufacturing, Inc. makes theft a job and has proven that theft from now on won’t be easy or profitable.